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Concrete Sealing

Why a chemically sealed concrete floor?

There are several advantages to installing a concrete floor with a sealer, especially if your facility endures continually high foot traffic, heavy vehicle traffic, or both.

A FinalFinish chemically-sealed floor is:


These floors are resistant to scratches, abrasions, spills and normal wear and tear.


You can rest assured your employees and customers are safe with an odorless, VOC compliant, environmentally safe and slip-resistant, sealed floor.


Unprotected floors fall victim to disintegration and micro-pitting over time, generating dust and wearing away the surface. A chemical sealer prevents this from happening, adding years of life to your floor (average life cycle is 30 years).


Sealed floors develop a satin sheen, or polish, that deepens over time and with minimal maintenance. FinalFinish Floors can also stain your concrete to match your facility’s color palette.

Less Expensive

Short-term, installing a concrete densifying sealer costs less than preparing and installing a top coat such as vinyl, epoxy or a urethane sealer. Long term, a FinalFinish floor will save you money by greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Easy to maintain

With no film to scratch, peel or discolor, maintaining a sealed concrete floor is easy. Proper upkeep simply requires regular sweeping and washing with a mild cleaner or conditioner. What’s more, each time you clean your floor, the harder and shinier it will become.

How does it work?

Concrete is porous and sometimes soft, so micro-pitting, or disintegration, is a common problem on unprotected floors with high foot traffic, heavy vehicle traffic or both. Micro-pitting also generated the annoying concrete dust that seems to be “everywhere”, covering your shelves and product.

Through a unique chemical reaction, the sealer densifies and hardens, the concrete. When applied, it penetrates deep into the cement, reducing the porosity of the surface, toughening it and making it resistant to scratches, abrasions and spills

Better still, the floor will harden and become shinier over time with regular maintenance, which includes regular washing using mild cleaner/conditioners and water (frequency depends on the conditions and activities of the facility). You’ll end up with the look of a newly waxed floor without the wax – or the time, effort and money it takes to apply it.